Caitlin Busscher

Caitlin Busscher

Posted on August 21, 2018

When The Air Travel Group nabbed a spot on Inc’s 5,000 fastest growing companies list back in 2017, Owner and President, Eric Peterson couldn’t have been prouder. His team of airline industry professionals had worked tirelessly to build a successful niche company in an already crowded industry.

ATG addressed a real need in the industry. While most of the travel industry conducts business online, group airfare is a complicated and time-consuming process that requires phone calls and paper transactions. Most tour agencies and organizations don’t have the time or knowledge to navigate the tedious process.

Eric and his team created ATG as a response to this unanswered problem. Within their first year, they generated $300,000 in sales. By their third year–$14.6 million; leading them to top all US Travel Companies on the list in 2017.

After the announcement, ATG enjoyed helping an influx of new clients manage their group airfare. Statistically, it is difficult for a company to maintain the pace of growth necessary to earn a spot for consecutive years. And while ATG may be making way for new travel companies to enjoy the top spots, Eric and his team are honored to have defied the odds. The Air Travel Group has once again been included on Inc’s list for 2017.

Thank you to every travel partner, agent, and organization that has entrusted us with your group! It is a pleasure to serve the travel industry and help make travel easier for everyone.